The success of the Kerala Vision Channel has prompted its promoters to go ahead with a new initiative, The Digital Television Project. The new project will radically change the present scenario of Cable TV business in Kerala. IP TV (Internet Protocol TV), Addressable System etc. are some of the major attractions of Kerala Digital TV project.

Value Added Service

The solution is scalable to provide following IPTV services. The Solution helps to bring great revenue and services never possible before.



HD version of channels is available in our entire network.It offeres significantly better resolutions than others. The PVR (Personal Video Recording) technology allows you to record TV shows or movies telecast on TV onto a local storage drive. With PVR, recording a TV show is as easy as pressing a button. You can choose to record all the episodes of a weekly or daily show automatically. The system lets you pause and rewind a TV program even as it is being telecast, without even having to record the program! The Box is available with learning remote.

All these features make viewing TV a far better experience and make it ideal for creating home theater system.


The web of internet was seen to be netting PCs all around the world decreasing the distance to just one click. A drastic technological improvement with TVs becoming the part of the internet web has taken place. Now, internet could be accessed over the TV also. Although, the experience of surfing internet over TV may not be appreciated but it fulfills the need to access the basic information on internet over TV like train, airways e-ticketing status information and similar information centric services. Frequently visited website’s links are placed with the provision of accessing other sites also by simply typing in the URL in the address bar.


From the study, it is found that the quality of entertainment experience of the viewer depends upon the content shown and it further improves with the content delivered that is demanded by the viewer. So, the Video on Demand application can greatly improve the viewing experience of the subscriber by showing the movies, music, news and other content demanded. The service provider could charge for the content delivered depending on his own economics. All the categorized movies are listed for the ease of the subscriber. The movie listed could be selected that could be easily billed. Video on Demand also includes music video that the subscribers can choose. It is the music lover’s paradise giving the ability to choose from all the available music videos. They are categorized by the genre and type of music.


The Service enables the subscribers to enjoy the live digital cable TV channels varying from sports to movies, news to briefs all live over the IP data communication network. The IPTV screen presents the matrix of all the available channels and their timing. This is one of the enhanced applications for the service providers to increase their revenue from meager amount to substantial amount. The IPTV allows more channels than the traditional cable TV channels. The desired channels could be chosen from the channel guide shown above.


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In December last year, the Lok Sabha passed a Bill to make digitisation of cable television mandatory in India, starting with the top metros on or ...

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